2nd Offense

If you have recently been charged with a second driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense in Austin, TX, you should be aware that the stakes are much higher than for a first offense. In addition to paying higher fines, you may be ordered to serve increased jail time. To avoid these severe penalties, you should immediately contact a qualified Austin DWI defense attorney. An attorney who practices DWI law exclusively will have the training and knowledge necessary to develop a solid defense for your case.

The Fines Will Add Up

For a second DWI offense in Austin, you could be sentenced to fines up to $4,000 as well as a minimum of 30 days in jail (a maximum of 180 days). All but three days may be suspended in lieu of probation. Your driver’s license may also be suspended for a period of 180 days to 2 years.

As a result of a second DWI offense, your insurance provider may substantially raise your premiums or even cancel your coverage. Because your conviction will show up on your criminal record, which may be accessed by third parties, you could face difficulties in keeping your current job or finding employment in the future.

You may be wondering if you should even bother fighting an Austin second DWI offense. However, the penalties that accompany a conviction could be potentially life-changing. Contrary to popular belief, not every arrest ends in conviction—several common defense strategies may be used to avoid a guilty verdict.

Retain An Attorney For Your Case Today

We have skilled DWI defense attorneys at our firm who serve the citizens of Austin and Travis County. Thanks to our experience in this complicated field of law, we has a successful track record of winning cases or negotiating with the prosecution to get the charges reduced to a non-DWI disposition. 

Our attorneys understand the science involved in a drunk-driving case. Whether you failed a field sobriety test or a breath test, we will examine the administration of these tests to determine if anything could have caused an inaccurate result.

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