marc rubin


t h e p a i n t e r

There is a luminosity about things. Everywhere there are
little pools of magical light...people walk right by them
all the time. If I can help someone see and appreciate
some of this intimate beauty. I feel I've succeeded.


I pull things from the debris of the world, objects we walk by every day, and by painting them, I attempt to bring out their beauty and the flash of emotion I first felt looking at them.  These objects whisper their stories to me -- without words -- using only their texture, their weight, their humble presence.  I bring the viewer eye-to-eye with them, and as simply as possible, I let them speak for themselves.  They say things like:  I'm tired, but grateful.  I'm beautiful, and I will die.  I'm here -- do you see me?  

copyright © 2017 Marc Rubin. All rights reserved.
Elmira, New York

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